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Firewood Timbertech defines firewood as timber  or trees unsuitable for building or construction. Deadfall that has not  started to rot is preferred, since it is already partly seasoned. Standing  dead timber is better still, as it is  both seasoned, and has less rot.
Dyed Mulch Mulch helps retain moisture and prevent weeds, as well as insulating trees and plants from extreme temperatures. Mulch also can help water better penetrate the soil and moderates soil temperature extremes, which encourages healthy rooting. Regular shredded mulch fades to a gray color after just one or two months in the sun. Dyed mulches hold their color throughout the year, and often into the next year, with minimal color loss.
Tree Pruning Timbertech's Pruning Experts can improve the health and appearance of trees, extending their functionality by removing dead, weakened, diseased or insect-infested branches.
Tree Fertilization Fertilizing can help keep your trees and shrubs healthier, promoting the luxurious foliage that adds beauty and value to your property. Timbertech injects fertilizer deep into the root area for utmost durability. Well-nourished trees are more impervious to disease, insect attack and drought.
Cabling & Bracing Cabling is a term used to describe the process of steel cables being inserted between major limbs to help support the tree. Cabling also helps reduce stress damage from high winds and excess ice or snow weight.   For large, weak, or split crotches, bracing is used to give direct support and reduce twisting strain on the tree. A metal rod is inserted through the crotch and two more cables are placed above it.
Tree Planting Timbertech's Tree Experts can help increase the beauty of your landscape by determining the species of tree that will most accent your property. The terrain, environment, and soil type are just a few of the aspects Timbertech will consider when you put your trust into our company.
Removals & Stump Grinding When a tree's problems are too advanced to be treated effectively, the tree itself becomes a safety hazard. Timbertech can safely and efficiently remove the tree as well as the remaining stump through the proper use of equipment and techniques. Our main concern is to eliminate all hazards and liability concerns from our customer's property.
Hazardous Tree Assessment No tree is absolutely safe. At times, even healthy trees fall. Timbertech's Tree Experts can help determine if your landscape contains potentially hazardous trees. Additionally, we will recommend the proper course of care and action.
Emergency Services Whether it be caused by high winds, rain, ice, or tornados Timbertech's Emergency Service Technicians are always here for you. We can provide the expertise needed to safely clear trees, branches and debris from your property no matter the extent of the storm's damage.
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